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Laura & Lawrence

How we met...

Most of you no doubt know this, but here's just a little refresher.

Picture a cold October morning in Sheffield in the year of 2009 - Lawrence the dapper 3rd year student fulfilling the role as Tennis Social Captain (make up for not making it into the 1st team) organising the drills for Social Tennis Session. Laura the tall 2nd year student who finally got round to joining the tennis club, the 8am trials in 1st year during freshers week put her right off, joined the social session. The morning went well, not much was spoken between the two until the end.

Keen bean Lawrence says: 'are you going to the tennis social this week'.

Laura replies: 'yeah, why not I'll be late but will come for the second or third pub crawl stop'.

Lawrence: 'Oh well in that case take my number just incase you need to get hold of us'. Oh so subtle...

Tennis social after tennis social and the rest is history - bonded together by our laidback styles and love of food.

The proposal...

A week into our Vietnam trip and the setting was beautiful Hoi An at night with all the lanterns hanging alongside the river giving it maximum romance factor. After some failed attempts at the beginning of the trip, now was the moment taking Laura completely by surprise. Down on bended knee Lawrence went, starting his speech with 'We've been together 7 years...'. Laura in true Almond style panicked and says 'No, this isn't happening, no it's not'. Lawrence having to reassure 'Uh, yes it actually is'. Ring goes on wrong finger before finally he stands and places the STUNNING ring on her hand. The evening was spent in blissful happiness, coming to terms with what has just happened - with the help of some lovely glasses of bubbles to calm the surprise.